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I'm one of those lucky people who just stumbled into the job he loves.

I've always loved technology but, when I was younger, I never figured out how to turn my interests into a career.

I spent some early years working at various small businesses. Some retail, some sales, some customer service. But something was missing.

In 1997, a friend got me an admin job at a Boston research hospital. Suddenly, I found myself the nerdiest guy in a department with 100+ computers and a lot of technology needs. It was nirvana.

Before long, I was promoted to manage a communication group at the hospital.

I spent ten more years there, working closely with writers, designers, programmers, communication strategists, and researchers. I'm grateful to have learned a tremendous amount from each one of them.

Philosophy & Process

This heading sounds like I'm going to say something profound followed by something a little pretentious. But, I'll try to keep it simple.


I take on projects where I believe I can provide real value, and then I try to provide it.

I want to work on projects where I can make a positive difference. I don't want to work on projects where I'm just showing up to collect a fee.


While it's true that some things should go a certain way, I'm not here to impose my preferred process on anyone.

Different people have different work-styles, and almost every problem has more than one possible solution.

So, let's just say that my process is about communication and flexibility.


  • Owner
    Kaiser Communication
  • Manager
    Health Communication Core,
    Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • Floater
    Several small businesses where I learned a lot

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